Air Pollution & Health

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Climate Crisis & Health

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Salton Sea & Agricultural Communities

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Lead & Toxic Metals

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Women's Health

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Children's Health

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Oil, Gas, & Health

NEW RESEARCH: Respiratory health impacts of living close to urban oil wells (2021)

Neighborhood Oil Drilling (2018)

NEW RESEARCH: Metal Exposures in Residents Living Near Urban Oil Drilling (2022)

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Green Cleaning and Personal Care Products

Recipe Sheet for Green Cleaning Products (2022)


Recipe Sheet for Personal Care Products (2024)

Healthy Homes


Recipe Sheet for Personal Care Products (2024)

Recipe Sheet for Green Cleaning Products (2022)


Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home During COVID-19 (2020)

What to do when a person living in your home has COVID-19 (2020)

Children's Health Study & Air Pollution

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Pesticides, Hydrogen Sulfide & Ethylene Oxide

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