Jill Johnston, PhD

Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine

Division of Environmental Health

Director of Community Engagement

Jill Johnston is an exposure scientist and environmental epidemiologist with long-standing relationships with environmental justice communities. Her research focuses on addressing unequal exposures to harmful contaminants that affect the health of working poor and communities of color. She engages in collaborations with grassroots organizations to conduct community-engaged action-oriented research on environmental health disparities. She fosters strong partnerships and trust with local and regional organizations to build innovative community engagement and participatory research activities on environmental health and science. Dr. Johnston received her PhD in environmental sciences and engineering from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she studied hazardous waste sites and industrial animal production.    

Environmental Justice Research & Engagement Staff

Karen Mejia

Research Coordinator.

Growing up in the Imperial Valley and seeing first hand the disadvantage of some of its residents has given her the drive to work with organizations that aim to improve people’s lives. She’s been involved with community engagement programs beginning in 2012 when she helped create a mobile health clinic to provide screening for those not covered by health insurance.  Now with the AIRE Study she has an opportunity to help bring awareness to children’s health development to both participants and their parents.

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