"Empowering Communities Through Data-Driven Environmental Justice Research"

The Environmental Justice Research Lab in the Division of Environmental Health focuses in low-income communities of color, develops novel methods to assess exposures and measure health outcomes among populations impacted by industrial pollution and burdened by multiple social and economic stressors.  

Our team collaborates in partnerships with communities in order to engage in community-driven epidemiology and action-oriented research.

Dr. Jill Johnston

PhD, Director



Southern California Center for Children's Environmental Health Research Translation


Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center


MADRES Center for Environmental Health Disparities


Oil Drilling, Climate Crisis and Health

Toxic Metals and Industrial Smelters

Children's Health and the Salton Sea

Democratizing Science: Participatory Air Monitoring

H2S Odor and Health Study: El Segundo Survey

Health, Odors, & Air Quality Carson Study 

Los AngeleS Voices on Oil, Community, and Environment 

Prioritizing Local Action for Climate Equity (PLACE Study)