Trade, Health, and Environment Impact Project


Self-determining communities, free from the environmental, health and safety burdens of freight transportation.


To improve the lives of all Southern Californians by supporting zero emissions freight transportation powered by zero emissions energy, improving our communities’ quality of life and the development of green sustainable technologies and jobs.

Our Approach

We act as a catalyst, championing zero-emissions solutions that put frontline communities first. By giving these communities a better understanding of their power when at the table, we help leaders make better choices and advance grassroots, practical solutions that reduce deadly freight pollution and improve the quality of life in every SoCal neighborhood.

Resources co-developed with THE Impact Project partners:

Neighborhood Assessment Teams

Case studies from Southern California and instructions on community investigations of traffic-related air pollution.  A manual on community based research. English/Spanish

Speakers Kit

Designed to help community members, environmental health and justice organizations, clinicians, public health practitioners, and other key stakeholders to understand the basics of goods movement activities and how to give testimony. English

Policy Beliefs:

Trade, Health, and Environment

Making the Case for Change English

Tracking Harm

Health and Environmental Impacts of Rail Yards English/Spanish

Importing Harm

U.S. Ports’ Impacts on Health and Communities English/Spanish

Driving Harm

Health and Community Impacts of Living near Truck Corridors English/Spanish

Storing Harm

Health and Community Impacts of Goods Movement Warehousing and Logistics English/Spanish