For decades, a toxic gooey substance oozed from a schoolyard in Cudahy, California. It took years of community activism to get the school cleaned up.

So who is responsible for ensuring that schools are free from toxins? New @bodiespodcast ⬇️ ⬇️

Over 2 million Californians live within ½ a mile of oil drilling sites, leading to birth defects, asthma, health risks for kids and more.

By moving to keep new oil wells away from communities, CA is prioritizing the health and safety of Californians.

Studies show health harms of oil and gas dev at 3200 ft & some studies at longer distances. Integrated strategies--setbacks, engineering controls, & monitoring are needed to protect communities. via @sfchronicle

Diesel trucks are causing environmental injustice across US cities

We have some breast health resources including 2 infographics that were developed by @LAGritMedia as educational tools to help women be proactive about their breast health and overall health! #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth


California’s Dirty Little Secret: Oil Wells in the Backyard via @capitalandmain -

Meet our team of postdocs who will integrate training in community engagement, popular education, dissemination and partnerships to develop research to address inequitable exposures to harmful contaminants that affect #HealthDisparities.

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